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[Pinned] How to Apply
Guild Application

[Pinned] How to Apply

The following is our application template. Copy the template and resubmit it as a thread in this forum once filled out, answer all questions in sufficient detail.Your application will be visible to all guild members. Once we read over your applica...
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Guild Application


Applcation Formkurtis legend-KURTISLEGEND#1254Class-druid Mainspec-guardian Link to armory profile- to relevant logs (preferably from Warcraftlogs)-
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Guild Application


Applcation FormAsphyxìaStaggered#1607ClassRogueMainspecAssassinationLink to armory profile to relevant logs (preferably from Warcraftlogs)
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Guild Application

Fire mage

Applcation FormCharacter name + BattletagAbeblinkoln -- monty#1430Class: fire mageLink to armory profile -- new main -- old mainLink to ...
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