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Applcation Form
Character name + Battletag
Abeblinkoln -- monty#1430

Class: fire mage

Link to armory profile -- new main -- old main

Link to relevant logs (preferably from Warcraftlogs) -- mage logs -- boomkin logs

What made you consider applying to Eclipse?
I am looking to push into mythic content with my new character. The first guild I had joined on stormrage to push mythic content had an explosion and is no longer raiding. I had left horde/malganis to join some real life friends with some easier content but am looking for a home for serious raiding.

Why should we recruit you rather than any other player of your class?
I value my ability to learn, it is one of my strong points. I admit I am far from the best mage but I do my homework everyday and am working to become just that. I spend the time necessary to learn and research classes strengths and weaknesses along with fights. I strive to better myself along with the raid and can handle constructive criticism.

Info about last/current guild. Why are you leaving?
My current guild I have not raided a single night with due to conflicts in schedules along with already being locked out of heroic content. The one prior to that died, when the main tank quit and had a very toxic environment. I left my horde guild to experience some lower content with RL friends.

Any raid history not covered in the above logs submitted?
I have raided since cataclysm.
I pushed hard into HFC and cleared mythic archimonde early on.

Do you have any offspecs or alts that you can comfortably play at a mythic raid level?
I have a boomkin stuck on horde side. But prefer mage.

Tell us about yourself.
I am 27 years old and am going to the local community college to earn an associate's degree in IT. Computers are a hobby of mine and that's how I plan on making my living. I currently make my living delivering pizzas for domino's. I follow hockey like it's a religion of mine. Let's go wings!I live with my girlfriend and our fur child, chihuahua.
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